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The George Lee Moore Family

Rosalee Moore is a southern, country, and bluegrass gospel singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the bluegrass mountains of Kentucky. She was born in Jackson May 3, 1954 to George Lee and Rosella Moore. She is the oldest of seven children two brothers, Ricky and Ova, and four sisters, Judy Ann, Mary Jane (deceased), Margaret Helen (deceased), and Dorothy Mae (deceased). She also has four children, Earl, Sabrina, Joseph (deceased), Melvin and two grandchildren, Roger Dustin and Josolyn Snow. Read More>>>


God is Still Good News

Rosalee releases “God is Still Good Single” to online stores.
Release Date: 06/15/2018

Love God News

Rosalee releases “Love God Single” to online stores.
Release Date: 05/19/2018

Anoint Me Oh God News

Rosalee releases “Anoint Me Oh God Single” to online stores.
Release Date: 03/16/2018





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