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Rosalee Moore Logo Name

about rosalee

Rosalee Moore is a southern, country, and bluegrass gospel singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the bluegrass mountains of Kentucky. She was born in Jackson May 3, 1954 to George Lee and Rosella Moore. She is the oldest of seven children two brothers, Ricky and Ova, and four sisters, Judy Ann, Mary Jane (deceased), Margaret Helen (deceased), and Dorothy Mae (deceased). She also has four children, Earl, Sabrina, Joseph (deceased), Melvin and two grandchildren, Roger Dustin and Josolyn Snow. Rosalee was raised in a christian home. Her dad played lead guitar and sang in church. He had a massive heart attack in February, 1984. Even the doctors didn't know if he was going to survive it. The people in Rosalee's home church were praying for him. Her dad got better and came home. A year later, he went to be with the Lord, ironically, it was on February 18, 1985. God had spared her dad for another year. Her mom is still alive and is still serving the Lord. She is in her late seventy's. Shortly after Rosalee's dad died, she began writing songs for the Lord. She has written over a hundred songs. She thanks God for each one of them. She says we can do nothing without Him but with Him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

about music

In August 2003, Rosalee released her first album, entitled 'Little Blessings'. It was produced and engineered by John Mark Couch and mastered by John Riley. Rosalee wrote all of the songs and was the lead singer on the album. Anita Couch Little and Myrtle Finley Couch were the background singers on the album. The musicians were Roger Smith (guitar and mandolin), Travis Ritchie (lead guitar), John Couch (bass and drums), Scotty Kilburn (keyboard and dobro), Jimmy Deaton (banjo), Eaf McKnight (fiddle), and Rosemary Oaks (keyboard). In December 2008, Rosalee released her second album, entitled 'Kentucky Mountain Christmas' which was named by Rosalee's son-in-law, James Herrington. Rosalee wrote all the songs and did all the vocals. Rosalee also produced, and mixed the album. It was mastered by her son, Melvin Stacy. In January 2011, Rosalee released her third album, which is a remix of her first album. It is entitled 'Little Blessings Re-release'. Rosalee wrote all the songs and did all the vocals, produced and mixed this album. It was mastered by her son, Melvin Stacy.

about shows

Rosalee sang at the Breathitt County Honey Festival in Jackson, Kentucky (2004, 2010-2012, 2014-2017). She has shared the stage with The Couch Family, Brenda Collins, Anointed, and many other local gospel singers. Rosalee sang at the Old Homeplace Park in Ary, Kentucky (2009-2010, 2012-2014). She has shared the stage with Bound for Glory, Family Circle, The Hamptons, and many other gospel singers. Rosalee sang at the Breathitt Heritage Fair in Jackson, Kentucky (2005, 2010, 2012-2014). She has shared the stage with the Singing Cookes, The Couch Family, the late Charles Johnson and the Revivers, and many more gospel singers. Rosalee sang at the Disabled American Veterans Charity Event on July 19, 2013 and many times at the nursing homes in the surrounding area where she lives. Rosalee has sung at the Temple of Love Church at Noctor, Kentucky and the Athol Community Church in Athol, Kentucky.

She has also sung at restaurants, and at a Gospel Jubilee hosted by the Green Meadows Gospel Music Association. And her home church, The Old Original Free Pentecostal Church of God, where she is one of the lead singers. And many more wonderful singing events...

music reviews

Dustin White ~ She has a voice of a thousand angels. I think everyone should buy a cd.

David Patrick Bryan ~ Rosalee - a singer with passion for the Lord.

Velma Anderson ~ I believe Rosalee is truly blessed with voice and a gift of putting what is in her heart together to create a touching song.  Each song has meaning and a message to be heard.

Jessica Patrick Elam ~ I can feel the heart of the Lord in Rosalee's songs.  I love the song "Little Blessings".